Web Content solutions that make everyone happy

For web designers, website copywriting can be a nightmare.

How often do clients fail to deliver content when you need it? How often is the web copy so badly done you just know it will reflect badly on your design?

The bottom line is this: Without a clear content strategy and effective SEO copywriting, a website is likely to fail.

If you find copywriting is often a stumbling block for you and your clients, our copywriters have the solution.

Contact us at the beginning of your next website project and we will solve the copywriting problem. We can work through you, or directly with the client.

Editeam will deliver a better result for your client and let you concentrate on what you do best – website design.

Copywriting to fit your layouts

How often have you had to revise a project after a client delivers copy that doesn’t fit?

While we believe you and your client will get a better result if we are involved from the outset, Editeam can step in after the design has been approved. We will liaise with you to create content to fit your page layouts.

When you work with a professional copywriter, content headaches disappear.

Contact us for a fixed-price quote. Whether it is copywriting for website or a print project, contact Editeam by email or on (02) 6691 1123.