Demonstrate your knowledge and expertise with authoritative articles and news.

Article/Media Release Copywriting

Raise your profile and reach out to a wider audience

Media releases and articles are a proven way to raise your public or industry profile. They speak to your knowledge, expertise and credibility.

Regular news articles on your website raise and maintain your ranking with search engines, too.

However, to get noticed, news articles have to be well-written and targeted.

We know what editors (and readers) want

Editeam identify your audience and pitch your message so it connects with the people you want to reach, whether through traditional media outlets, industry websites and publications, and/or online article databases.

We have extensive experience as media journalists and editors. We know how to deliver what editors want to ensure your message hits the mark.

Whether it’s writing a Media Release or an article for your own website or for wider distribution, contact Editeam for a no-obligation chat or fixed-price quote on (02) 6619 1123 or send us an email.