Rising in search engine rankings is all about SEO. We can help you reach the dizzy heights.

SEO Copywriting

With effective SEO, more potential buyers will find you

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is what gets your website noticed by people searching online for products or services like yours.

More people will see it if it ranks highly with search engines like Google.

However, search engines handle billions of searches every day and everyone is trying to get their name in front of potential customers.

A key element of effective SEO is using the right mix of keywords and phrases in the right places – page titles, headings, copy, meta tags, and alt text.

But, keyword integration is only one of the ways search engines determine the relevance of your website.

Editeam’s SEO packages offer a one-stop solution

Editeam has a range of SEO packages tailored to web designers and companies of all types and flavours.

Whether you need an SEO campaign for a new website or an existing one, we will adapt a package to suit your needs to a fixed price.

Our SEO specialists can build a complete strategy based on proven, ethical methods to give your website a leg up the rankings ladder. We can:

  • write original content, and integrate SEO keywords and phrases

  • analyse your market and integrate keywords into existing copy

  • create the relevant meta tag and title

  • submit your website to search engines

  • track your site’s ranking

Editeam also offers more sophisticated, long-term SEO techniques, including analyse the strategies of your competitors, analyse and build back link strategies and ensure HTML validity.

SEO makes your site work harder

That said, there is no single ‘right way’ to optimise a website. SEO is more an art than a set of hard and fast rules.

SEO of your website copy is a good start, but achieving a high search engine ranking takes time and effort.

We can show you how to climb the rankings and stay there with fresh site content, such as SEO-ed news articles and blogs.

How Editeam keeps readers and Google happy

A good search ranking is one thing, but it’s just as crucial to connect with readers and get them to take action.

That’s why SEO comes only after you are completely satisfied that our copywriting or editing has hit the mark on readability. To achieve this we:

  • Focus your essential message – quickly, clearly, creatively.

  • Establish and confirm your credibility.

Convince readers you have what they want.

Make it compelling for them to pick up the phone or reach for their credit card.

By integrating SEO without sacrificing readability, we keep readers and search engines happy.

Like to know more about our SEO copywriting and editing services?

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