Quality copywriting and editing – it connects, engages, sells

The right words make all the difference 

Words excite, and most importantly the right words will engage with the reader.    

Quality copywriting is the difference between readers exploring your website, reading your newsletter, and buying your product or service… or clicking the ‘back’ button.

Editeam supplies quality, Plain Language* copywriting and editing services to private and public sector clients. We offer affordable rates and fixed-price quotations.

Contact Editeam by email or call +61 (02) 6619 1123 for a no-obligation assessment.


Creative, engaging copywriting for web and print projects of every size and flavour.

Newsletter copywriting

We can lend a hand, whether your newsletter needs a little help… or a lot.

Brochure copywriting

Concepts and words that quickly woo and win over your target audience, then convince them to act.

DM/Sales letters copy

Words that sell, sell, sell.

Editing/Rewriting content

Turn ordinary content into extra-ordinary content.

SEO copywriting

Website content that ranks with search engines and turns window-shoppers into buyers.

Articles/Media Releases

Boost your bottom line with articles that establish your credibility and raise your profile.

Ad copywriting

When you need words that resonate and spark your readers’ interest in seconds.

Case Study copywriting

Convince prospects you can deliver practical, cost-effective solutions for clients just like them.

* Member of PLAIN (Plain Language Association InterNational)

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